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10%的衝突是由於不同的觀點,而90%是因為表達方式。 溝通~是為了傳遞愛!團隊凝聚共識, 才能順利共事! 一群人,一件事,一條心,一起拼! 疫情期間,我們都要做一個內心強大的人! 2月19日及3月17日傍晚6.30PM,由國際獅子會308-A2為你我注入從心激勵強大能量!精心安排亞洲華人激勵名師-台灣晶菱老師為我們線上醍醐灌頂! 漫漫人生路~從心趣領悟!大家一起從心更強大! Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess. Wanna know the secret to be a successful leader? Don’t miss the chance! Join the webinar on 19 February (Friday) and 17th March (Wednesday) from 6.30pm to 9.00pm. The seminars will be conducted in Chinese. The events are ….  Read More