59th Multiple District 308 Lions Convention 2021 (23 – 26 April 2021), Sibu, Sarawak

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Dear Registered Delegates,

Greeting from 59th MD 308 Lions Convention!

Please be informed that the convention website is ready, you are able to access it @ http://www.59md308lionsconvention.org

Below are some of the FAQ that might be useful to you!

a.       I have registered for 58th MD308 Lions Convention and I wish to transfer my registration to 59th MD308 Lions Convention. What should I do?

All the registered delegates in 58th MD308 Lions Convention will be automatically carry forward to 59th Multiple District 308 Lions Convention registration.

b.       Once transferred, do we need update any info if no changes in information required.

No Action is required if all the information are up to date.

c.       Are you sure my registration been transferred to 59th MD 308 Lions Convention?

The registered delegates able to check the registration info @ https://59md308lionsconvention.org/registered_delegates?district=ALL

d.       How to transfer my registration to another person?

For the existing registered delegates:

–          kindly visit https://59md308lionsconvention.org/check_registration_status

–          Kindly key in the email that you have used before for registration.

–          Check the email for unique link (Due to security reason, the unique link only VALID for 4 hours. Once expired, please request again).

–          If you have received the link, click on the link.

–          Perform the necessary amendments.

–          Once done, click on save.

–          To check on changes, you can visit https://59md308lionsconvention.org/registered_delegates?district=ALL

e.       I would like to request refund.

–          Kindly fill the refund form at http://www.imalaysia.org/convention2021/refund/

–          Our registration will process it in bulk and once done, they will notify you.

–          Should you have any doubts, kindly contact our registration team @ eric.convention2020@gmail.com or refund@isarawak.org .

Thank you.

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