Faculty Development Institute (FDI)

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Location: Kingwood Hotel, Sibu, Sarawak
Date: March 19 – 21, 2021
Application Due Date: December 31, 2020
Languages Offered: English
Purpose of the Faculty Development Institute (FDI):
To enhance training delivery skills and training techniques that will increase the quality of training and overall effectiveness of Lions
leadership development programs.
Participant Qualifications:
1. Applicants should have experience serving as instructors for Lions training events. This experience should include using
PowerPoint to support training delivery. (Note: Participants will not be expected to create any materials while at the FDI, but it
will be necessary to use PowerPoint and other provided materials for some activities.)
2. Applicants must be willing to commit to a three-day institute, including classroom sessions and meals, and understand that
personal time is extremely limited. Attendance at all classroom sessions and scheduled meals is mandatory.
3. Lions participating in this three-day course will be required to conduct a local training event within six months of the institute, in
order to complete the FDI.
4. Applicants must be capable of understanding and participating in at least one of the offered languages of instruction at this
Cost of the Institute:
Lions Clubs International District 308-A2 will provide meals and lodging according to the schedule of the institute. Please note a
non-refundable fee of RM750.00 is required for participation in this training event. Please do not send fees until you receive a letter
of acceptance to the institute. Participants are also responsible for their own transportation and related travel expenses to and
from the institute site.
Selection Process:
Because of the high number of applications received, acceptance into the institute is not guaranteed. All applicants will be notified
of selection status no more than 3 weeks after the application due date via the email address provided on the application form.
Expectations of Lions Who Complete the FDI:
1. Serve as a leadership resource and pursue additional leadership and training roles and responsibilities in their respective zones,
regions, districts, and multiple districts.
2. Share their institute experiences with members of their zones, regions, districts, multiple districts, and constitutional areas, and
encourage other qualified Lions to apply to the institutes.
3. Utilize your newly acquired skill set to facilitate future Lions Leadership Development events.
Application Procedure:
Submit the completed application form by the application due date in order to be considered.
Application Due Date: 31 December 2020
Email completed form to:
PDG Dato Betty Wong
FDI SIBU Organizing Chairperson
email: datobettywong@gmail.com
Upon submission of the application, senders will receive a reply to serve as a receipt of the application. If no reply is received,
check spam/junk folders and resubmit as needed.

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