Lions Nursing Home

overview01The Lions Nursing Home was founded on the concept of a professional care residence for those elderly who are 50 and above and who are incapacitated by non-infectious illness such that their family levitra tablets review arecnot able to look after theri needs.

The Lions firmly belive in the Asian value of the caring extended family where the elderly are looked after by the whole family and where the elderly can still play a vital role in contributing emotionally, spiritually and knowledge -wise to the family. However , the Lions also recognise that there will be situations where the elderly may be disabled by illness such that both they themselves and their families are unable to look after them properly. These situations will call for caring professional help.

As a professional care unit ,the Lions Nursing Home shall provide temporary basic nursing care, physiotherapy and rehabilitation to the infirmed elderly until such times when their families are able to look after them again. We, at the Lions Nursing Home will stive to do all these in a friendly ,homely environment making sure that both physical and emotional needs  of the elderly are met.

In order to enhance family support we encourage family members to be actively involved in the daily care of the elderly by frequent visitations. We also help train and advise family members on various methods of care so that they will be better equiped to look after the elderly once they are discharged back to their own homes.

The Lions Nursing Home is currently run by a team of 50 staff under the supervision of Matron Ella Eng. A volunteer doctor sees the residents once a

week if necessary while at most times the residents’ personal doctor will look after them. The  Home’ management committee is made up of representative from all the 12 Lions Clubs and it oversees the general running of the Home.

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