Kota Kinabalu Lions Ambulance Service Society

lass03Kota Kinabalu Lions Ambulance Service Society, (LASS) is a Free Emergency Ambulance Service which is funded through public donations. The Society is set up by Lions as a long term community project to provide FREE EMERGENCY AMBULANCE SERVICE to the people in Kota Kinabalu and the surrounding areas. The Society was officially approved by the Registrar of Society on 6th May, 2010 with Registration No. 1080-10-SBH.


  • Free emergency care at the scene and medical care onboard the ambulance to the treatment centre; assistance in emergency/disaster relief operations and on call at all times.
  • Organizes first aid training for the public in collaboration with other Organizations.
  • Work with the local Lions Clubs to provide mobile medical health services.


  • To supplement the ambulance services of the State Health Services and other related NGOs.
  • To provide well equipped ambulances and qualified trained ambulance personnel for the sick and the injured.

Ambulance Station/Call Centre

House 822, Taman Dah Yeh Villa, Jalan Damai, 88400 Kot Kinabalu, Sabah.


Nos. of Unit               Two (2)

Operation Staff

Numbers of Staff      5 Staff Nurses and 5 Drivers cum Responders

Operation Hours

Opened                      24 Hours including Sundays and Holidays


All Donations to Kota Kinabalu Lions Ambulance Service Society, (LASS) is Tax Exempt.

Banker:                      Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad

Account No:               10039-001-007-2611

Payee                         Kota Kinabalu Lions Ambulance Service Society

Free Emergency Ambulance Service

Hotline No.                 088-319699