District Cabinet Team

District Governor

Pelly Lee
(Kota Kinabalu Downtown)
Email: lee.pelly@gmail.com




Immediate Past District Governor

Eve Wong Sau Yin
(Miri Mandarin)
Email: evewonglb@gmail.com





First Vice District Governor

Tiong Yong Tiing
(Bintulu Kidurong (2015))
Email: yt.tiong3@gmail.com





Second Vice District Governor

Dr. Gan Kean Siong
(Keningau Mandarin)
Email: drganks@yahoo.com





GLT District Coordinator

PDG James Teo
(Tenom Host)
Email: jteolc@gmail.com





LCIF District Coordinator

PDG Dato’ Betty Wong Yieng
(Sibu Pahlawan)
Email: datobettywong@gmail.com





District Honorary Committee Chairperson

PDG Augustine Ngu Liong Ing
(Sibu Berjaya)
Email: augustngu50@yahoo.com





District Chairperson -International Relations / Youth Camp and Exchange

PDG Dr. Tan Tsu Kun
(Tenom Host)
Email: drtantmc@gmail.com





District Chairperson -Diabetes Awareness and Action (Sarawak)

PDG Dr. William Voon
(Kuching North)
Email: wehvoon@yahoo.com





Cabinet Secretary

Dr. Andrew Wong Vun Fah
(Kota Kinabalu Host)
Email: dr.wongandrew@gmail.com





Cabinet Secretary 2 / District Chairperson -Information Technology & Website

Chai Si Kar
(Stampin Pending Kuching)
Email: chaisikar@gmail.com




Cabinet Treasurer

Pauline Chang Nyuk Fong
(Kota Kinabalu Downtown)
Email: polynfchang@gmail.com





Cabinet Treasurer 2 / District Chairperson -Public Relations and Lions Information (Sarawak)

Eric Yee Kuok Enng
(Sibu Jaya)
Email: kuokenngeric.yee@gmail.com




GST District Coordinator / District Centennial Coordinator

Alex Cheong Yuen Fatt
(Tanjung Aru)
Email: cheongalex@hotmail.com / acyf27@yahoo.com




GMT District Coordinator

Dato’ Dr. Jimmy Tie Hien Hwa
(Sibu Pahlawan)
Email: datojimmytie@gmail.com







Region 1 Chairperson

Kapitan Chong Nam Fah
(Kuching Kota Sentosa)
Email: chongnamfah@hotmail.com





Zone 1 Chairperson

Emerson Wong Ka Kong
(Kuching-Kota Samarahan)
Email: emerson@lcs-group.com.my





Zone 2 Chairperson

Albert Ngang Chin Chuong
New Century (Kuching Emerald)
Email: albertngang@yahoo.com






Zone 3 Chairperson

Andrew Tsen
(Kuching City)
Email: saintandrewtsen@gmail.com





Region 2 Chairperson

Steven Tiew Siik Nieng
(Sibu Berjaya)
Email: tiewsn@gmail.com






Zone 4 Chairperson

Rory Wong Ee Yion
(Sibu Berjaya)
Email: rory.eon@hotmail.com





Zone 5 Chairperson

Priscilla Lau
(Sibu Central)
Email: prislau7@yahoo.com





Zone 6 Chairperson

Angela Ng Lai Leng
(Sibu Pahlawan)
Email: lionangelang@gmail.com





Zone 7 Chairperson

Sii Bang Ee
Email: sbe5481@gmail.com







Region 3 Chairperson

Anthony Lu Nguong Lai
(Miri Mandarin)
Email: anthonylu27@yahoo.com






Zone 8 Chairperson

John Ling Yu Ngie
(Miri Host)
Email: johnlingyungie@yahoo.com






Zone 9 Chairperson

Kapitan Jee Kee Hiong
(Miri Mandarin)
Email: jkhiong@yahoo.com





Zone 10 Chairperson

Erich Tiong Chang Cheng
(Bintulu Kidurong (2015))
Email: erich.tiong@hytech-e.com






Region 4 Chairperson

Tie Sing Poh
Email: ty_enterprise2003@yahoo.com




Zone 11 Chairperson

Edmund Chee Khiong Foo
Email: edmund_chee22@yahoo.com





Zone 12 Chairperson

Nelson Ng Nye Sheong
(Keningau Downtown)
Email: nyesheong@gmail.com





Region 5 Chairperson
Dato’ Winnie Lee Siew Ping
(Kota Kinabalu Centennial)
Email: win.lsp@hotmail.com





Zone 13 Chairperson

Canny Lee Hui Keing
(Kota Kinabalu Capital)
Email: huikeing@gmail.com





Zone 14 Chairperson

Kenneth Boon
(Kota Kinabalu Metro)
Email: Kennethboon1946@gmail.com





Zone 15 Chairperson

Thomas Ho Thau Phin
(Kota Kinabalu Host)
Email: thomashtp@gmail.com





Zone 16 Chairperson

Ang Choon Hong
(Kota Kinabalu Mandarin)
Email: kkmandarin1985@gmail.com






Region 6 Chairperson

Chan Boon Thian
(Sandakan Selingan)
Email: dynasty98@hotmail.com





Zone 17 Chairperson
Mejar (K) Dato Yong Chi Fui
(Tawau Mandarin)
Email: zc.datoyong@gmail.com





Zone 18 Chairperson

Michael Yap Chee Shen
(Sandakan Selingan)
Email: myapcs001@yahoo.com






District Chairperson -Region 1 GLT

Sheila Kho Ting Ling
(Kuching City)
Email: sushsi@gmail.com





District Chairperson -Region 2 GLT

Jamie Tiew Yen Huong
(Sibu Pahlawan)
Email: jamietiew@gmail.com





District Chairperson -Region 3 GLT

Harry Lee Tian Song
New Century (Miri Resort City)
Email: Harrylee5566@gmail.com





District Chairperson -Region 4 GLT

Ronny Hiew Ah Choi
(Keningau Mandarin)
Email: ronnyhiew168@gmail.com





District Chairperson -Region 5 GLT

Visvalingam Suppiah
(Kota Kinabalu Host)
Email: visvalingam.suppiah@gmail.com





District Chairperson -Region 6 GLT

Helena Chai Su Lan
(Tawau Mega)
Email: helenachai@gmail.com






District Chairperson -Region 1 GMT

Sim Kuang Boon
(Kuching Ixora)
Email: kboon.sim@gmail.com





District Chairperson -Region 2 GMT

Joan Ngu Ming Ming
(Sibu Nangka)
Email: joan_ngu@yahoo.com





District Chairperson -Region 3 GMT

Hii Teck Yun
(Miri Host)
Email: ty_hii@yahoo.com






District Chairperson -Region 5 GMT

Alice Chin Nyuk Kyun
(Kota Kinabalu Damai)
Email: alicechin59@hotmail.com





District Chairperson -Region 6 GMT

Shirley Choy Foong Kiew
(Tawau Mega)
Email: lionshirley@gmail.com







District Chairperson -Region 1 Protocol & Decorum

Daisy Kon Mui Kim
(Kuching Host)
Email: dsykon@yahoo.com





District Chairperson -Region 2 Protocol & Decorum

Peter Goh Yew Soon
(Sibu Berjaya)
Email: pgys4144@yahoo.com





District Chairperson -Region 3 Protocol & Decorum

Wong Yew Hui
(Miri Host)
Email: yhwongzone@yhwongroup.com





District Chairperson -Region 5 Protocol & Decorum

Datin Renuka Rajagopal
(Kota Kinabalu City)
Email: renuka186@hotmail.com




District Chairperson -Region 6 Protocol & Decorum

Chan Chee Boon
(Tawau Host)
Email: cbchan@gatechsb.com.my






District Chairperson -GST (Global Service Team)

Albert Tiang Ming Ing
(Sibu Queensway)
Email: tiang.albert@gmail.com




District Chairperson -Activities (Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & FT Labuan)

Peter Liau Jee Yoong
(Kota Kinabalu Asia City)
Email: liau.peter@gmail.com




District Chairperson -Activities (Sarawak)

Caren Huong Sia Wei
(Batu Niah)
Email: carenhuong@gmail.com





District Chairperson -Bulletin

Gavin Lee Chen Pin
(Kuching-Kota Samarahan)
Email: gavin@inter-borneo.com





District Chairperson -Club Registration(Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & FT Labuan)

Robin Chew Wai Ming
(Tawau Host)
Email: robincwm@gmail.com




District Chairperson -Club Registration Chairperson (Sarawak)

Michael Eii Chin Ho
(Marudi Mandarin)
Email: lioneii@yahoo.com




District Chairperson -Constitution and By-Laws

Alex Woo Boon Thai
(Bintulu Kidurong (2015))
Email: alexbtwoo@hotmail.com




District Chairperson -Convention

Ung Sing Tai
Email: usingta@gmail.com





District Chairperson -Cultural and Community Activities

Peter Yong Chung Sing
(Bintulu Kidurong (2015))
Email: pcsyong@yahoo.com




District Chairperson -Diabetes Awareness and Action (Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & FT Labuan)
Dr Murugan Soundara Rajan
Email: murugansrajan@gmail.com





District Chairperson – District Foundation (Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & FT Labuan)

Chong Tshen Vui
(Kota Kinabalu City Park)
Email: peterchongg@hotmail.com





District Chairperson – District Foundation (Sarawak)

Ling Dien Yong
Email: dienyongling@yahoo.com




District Chairperson -Environment (Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & FT Labuan)

Nenita Singson Tan
(Kota Kinabalu)
Email: nenita38@gmail.com





District Chairperson -Environment (Sarawak)

Joseph Lim Tiong Guan
(Sibu Berjaya)
Email: abg.joe@hotmail.com





District Chairperson -Environment Photo Contest

Siew Tick Chai
(Miri Mandarin)
Email: siew3690@gmail.com





District Chairperson – Family & Women Development (Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & FT Labuan)

Connie Aw Lai Fen
(Tawau Cosmo)
Email: connieaw@ymail.com




District Chairperson – Family & Women Development (Sarawak)

Queenie Tay Sze Pei
Email: queenie-pei@hotmail.com




District Chairperson -Fellowship

Annie Ho Chui Leng
(Kuching City)
Email: anniehochuileng17@yahoo.co.uk





District Chairperson -Friends of Lions (Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & FT Labuan)

Ronnie Saw Khay Tai
Email: cris_5621@yahoo.com





District Chairperson -Friends of Lions (Sarawak)

Moon Chin Nyat Ngo
(Sibu Sungai Merah)
Email: lionmoonchin@gmail.com





District Chairperson -Hearing Preservation, Awareness and Action

Wenderine Koo Guat Ping
(Kuching Host)
Email: wenderinekoo@gmail.com




District Chairperson -LCIF

Ruby Chong Mee Yoke
(Kota Kinabalu Sutera)
Email: rubychong0904@hotmail.com





District Chairperson -Leo Club (Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & FT Labuan)

Mah Sii Peng
(Tenom Host)
Email: siipeng@hotmail.com





District Chairperson -Leo Club (Sarawak)

Bernard Lee Moh Kim
(Kuching-Kota Samarahan)
Email: dcleo.sarawak.308a2@gmail.com





District Chairperson -ALERT (Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & FT Labuan)

Jessie Chong Yok Lin
(Kota Kinabalu Host)
Email: jc.yoklin@gmail.com





District Chairperson ALERT (Sarawak)

Vincent Chieng Sie Kong
(Sibu Mandarin)
Email: siekongchieng@gmail.com





District Chairperson -Lions Services for Children (Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & FT Labuan)

Elaine Liew Yun Ling
New Century (Kota Kinabalu Star City)
Email: greentea_ling@hotmail.com




District Chairperson -Lions Services for Children (Sarawak)

Andy Wong Siew Chiong
(Bintulu Mandarin)
Email: sweb_andy@yahoo.com





District Chairperson -Peace Poster/Essay Contest

Vincent Lau Sie Chang
Email: vsclau@yahoo.com




District Chairperson -Public Relation and Lions Information (Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & FT Labuan)

Irene Chin Nyuk Fun
(Tawau Mandarin)
Email: irenecnfun@yahoo.com




District Chairperson -Publicity & Media

Chan Chui Ling
(Miri Seahorse)
Email: chuiling3344@gmail.com






District Chairperson -Rural Project (Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & FT Labuan)

Lydia Lu Siew Fong
(Kota Kinabalu Sutera)
Email: lydiatan5@hotmail.com





District Chairperson -Rural Project (Sarawak)

Raymond Wong Sie Sing
(Bintulu Kemena)
Email: forsonemas@gmail.com





District Chairperson -Lions Opportunities for Youth

Kapitan Connie Loh Ming Hua
(Sibu Host)
Email: connieloh2016@gmail.com




District Chairperson -Sight Preservation Awareness and Action(Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & FT Labuan)

Datuk Professor Dr. P. Muthusamy
(Kota Kinabalu Host)
Email: drpmuthusamy@gmail.com





District Chairperson -Sight Preservation Awareness and Action (Sarawak)

Andrew Chioh Eng Hua
(Kuching Metro)
Email: achioh88@yahoo.com